Ayurvedic cancer treatment

Simply cleanse body - boost immunity & cure all chronic diseases

all chronic diseases including cancer are a result of immune system failure due to toxic overload from our air, water & food–primarily from herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, pharmaceutical drugs, processed, refined & junk foods., wrong lifestyle, negative emotions & stress,

These toxins remain stored in the body long after exposure. and do ongoing damage* . block the flow of vital energy - destroy the immune system, effect d.n.a.changes &.responsible for all chronic diseases & up to 80% of cancer deaths. if you have a tumour, it is a sure sign that your immune system is failing & you have to boost the immune system - that is the only cure there is. no need to know whether it is cancerous - do not run for a biopsy as the cancer which is usually encapsulated by nature will spread due to breaching by the biopsy needle & spread to the whole body

The only way to cure cancer & other chronic diseases is by flushing out the toxins & boosting the immune system & not overloading the system with more drug/chemo or radiation toxins ( operation is not a solution) which is often fatal. in u.s.a. & australia 97% + people die a painful death within 5 years of chemotherapy who would otherwise be living had they not taken any treatment

Today everyone ( including apparently healthy person ) is at risk as everyone has a toxic overload. even the car we drive needs 6 monthly servicing & tuning but our bodies in which we live, are totally neglected. no wonder we are prone to diseases due to accumulation of toxins & failing immune system.

Periodical body purification is a must for everyone. cleanse & purify your body & mind through 5000 year proven authentic ayurvedic keralian* panchkarma for disease free life with optimum health, mental & physical performance.

Nirmal Kayaz treats all chronic/ so called incurable diseases especially :aids/h.i.v.. (arthritis, gout, /back & joint pains), asthma,cancer; heart blockage; kidney failure; mental disorders ; ; migraine; parkinsons; psoriasis, sexual disorders; stroke & paralysis by flushing out toxins & boosting the immune syatem through siddha, marma & pure authentic* keralian panchkarma ( by specialist keralian therapists under expert ayurvedic doctor.) chikitsa.


Nirmal Kayaz is a reputed Panchakarma Clinic. At this reputed Panchakarma Clinic with all facilities and qualified Ayurveda Doctors the unique Panchakarma treatment is performed for body rejuvenation.
The best Panchakarma Clinic in India.


Although detoxification is ongoing in the body, toxins and stress prevent us from doing it optimally, which can eventually affect other systems in the body. A detox diet allows our bodies to focus on self-healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels.


Nirmal Kayaz offers you the latest in alternative health solutions. We specialize in state of the art hi-tech devices based on Far Infrared Technology. INFRA RED SAUNA offering our customers the safest, most effective long term health benefits.


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